I’m pleased to report that I have accepted a temporary, part time job over in Worcester for the next couple of months filling in as Art Director for Reliant Medical Group. I have been taking care of urgent projects there a couple of days a week, while their Art Director is out on leave. I am enjoying both the work and the people that I work with, and was not at all surprised to learn that they are consistently voted a best place to work in the Greater Boston and Worcester area! All of which leads me to one of the first pieces that I have designed for them: this poster that now hangs in the reception lobby!

award poster


Scarecrow 5K

The Lincoln Land Conservation Trust’s “Scarecrow 5K” run takes place just a week or so before Halloween, and so they wanted the event posters to feel Halloween-ish. In order to keep these new materials tied in with what we had done previously (see below), I added a few elements to our original Scarecrow image to get that spooky (but not TOO spooky!) look.

Scarecrow Classic poster


One of the great things about digital design, is that I am easily able to work remotely with clients. Fast internet connections have opened up a wealth of virtual opportunities for freelancers! These murals, created for restaurant walls in Texas, are a great example of that. My client (an interior design firm) provided me with stacks of digital photos from these communities, along with elevation and obstruction information (doors, soffits, wall hung items, etc), and general information about each restaurant’s locale. Using these assets and Adobe Photoshop, I produced these colorful, multi-layered composite murals that are custom fit to the restaurant walls—and also custom to the communities that each restaurant serves.

Killeen & StJohn Community

Scarecrow tri-fold

Once we had finished tightening up the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust “Scarecrow 5K” Logo, I was able to incorporate it, along with their photos from last year’s race, into a design for this simple, tri-fold brochure.

2014 LLCT Scarecrow Classic 5K Brochure v3-2





I recently had the pleasure of working with the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust on this logo for their upcoming annual 5K race. They had made a great start with a wonderful illustration, but needed help simplifying and integrating it with their organization logo for a new 5K race logo that was more recognizable as affiliated with the Land Trust organization.


Below, you’ll see the two pieces that we started with. We also decided to change the race number on the scarecrow’s bib to reflect that this is the second annual race.


Bluegrass on the Bogs

I had a great time last week helping the fine folks over at the Bluegrass on the Bogs Festival get this year’s marketing materials designed for an upcoming music conference. For this venue, we decided on 11×17 color posters to be displayed throughout the center and a corresponding postcard that will be handed out and available at their booth. Later, we will craft a black and white compatible PDF flyer that the bands can print out locally and distribute as they wish.


Railroad House’s brand new CD. I had the absolute pleasure of working together with Larry DeJong on this project, and couldn’t be happier with the result. The band was formed many years ago around a monthly open mike session at Stone’s Public House in Ashland, MA. Larry’s concept of using historical photographs of Stone’s worked wonderfully to convey the “history” of the band as well as their musical offerings which range from Bluegrass and Americana to Jazz and Swing.


Railroad House Band - Junction CD

Packing Slip

Here’s a rare print piece for Timberland. As I am currently part of Timberland’s e-commerce team, there is not much call for me to use my print production skills. This project helped me to demonstrate and develop my skills as a Project Manager. I worked closely with the IT and Fulfillment departments on this packing slip, carefully designing each page to ensure that individual order information would look seamless when printed at our US Distribution Centers. Then I followed through with the print house to ensure that the slips were printed and delivered to each location on time.