Spring Cleaning

This spring, I was given my biggest organizing challenge yet! This basement space contained over a decade’s worth of accumulated papers and household items that needed to be sorted through, re-boxed in a meaningful way and moved to a storage pod for relocation as part of a relocation. I was happy to take on the job and got right to work!

While the homeowner certainly could have handled doing this job themselves, their available time was in short supply and they felt emotionally “too close” to the task to be objective about it. This is the perfect time to call in an organizer!

Here are a couple of hastily taken “before” shots. Most of these boxes were at least partially full, and there was really no rhyme or reason as to what was in them for the most part.



Ultimately the goal was to clear out the space and make it useable (and healthy) again as a work space. Believe it or not, there is a large workbench and also a wood stove under there somewhere! And you can just see the corner of a large desk as well.

As you can imagine, these boxes had become quite damp sitting on the concrete floor. There were also a number of area rugs that had been rolled out directly onto the concrete, and these had become quite mildewed as well, making the air quality in the space hazardous enough to require wearing a breathing mask while working.

Much of the paper was completely outdated/duplicate and so I was able to bring two entire carloads to the recycling center:


Once they were uncovered, the musty rugs were rolled up and sent off to the dump, along with many other broken/ruined items.

After the rugs were out, and the floors were scrubbed, the homeowner installed a heavy-duty dehumidifier, and at that point the air quality throughout the space was dramatically improved!

After a little bit of furniture moving and organizing of the items that had been chosen to stay, we were left with this fantastic workshop! What a difference!


Walk right in

An unused space in a circa 1842 house. This space was pretty bad—probably to the point of dangerous. But its location right next to the bedroom made it ideal for a walk-in closet, which this house desperately needed. Closet space throughout the rest of the house was minimal at best. A thorough clean-out, some wallboard, cast off bookshelves, a simple sisal rug and three professional grade rolling racks later, this space was safe, accessible and functional. This newfound closet stores all clothing, shoes and accessories for two people, plus the space behind the rolling racks works well for storing camping gear, various holiday decorations, and other seldom used household items.

gleasondale closet beforegleasondale closet after

Setting the stage

In today’s challenging real-estate market, homeowners are increasingly choosing to remove accumulated clutter and stage their homes in order to create wider appeal to potential buyers. This can often increase their chances for a quicker and more profitable sale. Investing in staging before a Realtor assesses your home, ensures your home will be priced at top dollar. Real estate sales records prove that professional staging increases sales price. Staging is an investment that can give you an edge over the competition: Statistics show staged homes sell much faster than comparable non-staged homes.

Here are before and after photos from a recent kitchen staging project.

Tiny space, big improvements

This bathroom gained a more spacious and cohesive look on a very small budget. The upper cabinet was lowered to create the illusion of a higher ceiling, and then, along with the vanity, got a few fresh new coats of creamy white gloss paint. These were veneered wood and had seen better days—the paint worked wonders covering up water damage while brightening up this small space. The new wall color references the floor and vanity top, further pulling the space together. A new light fixture is a great update and a towel bar hung with white towels balances the newly painted vanity and cabinet.

bathroom-beforeMinolta DSC