Brian Prindle Music

I am happy to announce the launch of Brian Prindle’s website! This is Brian’s first site, and so this project involved first collecting all of the various bits and pieces of content that he wanted to feature; organizing it in the best way to tell his individual story; and then creating three distinct messages within the framework of the site. Brian is a musician for hire, a music instructor, and he is also looking to move into booking/coordinating talent. Behind the scenes projects included excerpting, titling and crediting  video clips from longer reels; building a YouTube channel; sourcing and editing photography; and copywriting. We built this site using an online platform, which enables Brian to log in and keep his News and Upcoming Shows sections up to date. I love designing web sites—this was a fun project! You can see the entire site at Congratulations Brian on the launch of your new site!

Brian Prindle Music Site

Compost Happens

My winning entry in Timberland’s 2009 “Shoot an Apple, Save the Earth” employee-generated video contest. The contest was part of the larger Green Apple Festival, “America’s Largest Earth Day Celebration” which took part in multiple cities during the week leading up to Earth Day 2009. Contest guidelines: videos must be no more than 15 seconds in length, share innovative ideas about environmental sustainability, and feature – in some form – a real green apple. I am not able to host the video here, please click on the image below to view it on YouTube.

Greenapple Still