The new year brought a personnel change to my band Local Freight. I am happy to report that we have added a fantastic new banjo player, who is also a friend.

Before we announced the change, I needed to address the outdated marketing materials on our website. I quickly patched together a functional band “photo” from four individual shots (new band photo coming soon!), created a new downloadable flyer, and changed a bit of text here and there.

Over the past number of months, my interaction with the site has been simply nipping in and adding show dates and updating the “News” blurb on the home page. This more thorough look through the site reminded me that our “Past Shows” page was not really working. I had crammed some tiny images from a few of our more high-profile early gigs in there, with a blurb for each. This worked well enough early on, but now that the band has been together for two years, we needed a new format. It struck me that adding a blog would be a great way to show a timeline of our shows on the site, with ample room for photographs.

This update took very little time, and serves as a visually interesting band “resume,” as well as reminding us as a band of the good times and good fortune that we have had to be able to play at these inspiring venues!

You can view the entire site at


LF Past Shows Page


I recently had the pleasure of working with the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust on this logo for their upcoming annual 5K race. They had made a great start with a wonderful illustration, but needed help simplifying and integrating it with their organization logo for a new 5K race logo that was more recognizable as affiliated with the Land Trust organization.


Below, you’ll see the two pieces that we started with. We also decided to change the race number on the scarecrow’s bib to reflect that this is the second annual race.


Custom color

This project won us a Silver Medal at the 2009 In-House Forum design awards. My contribution was making sure that the hex codes used to simulate the various leather options in the configurator accurately described the leather colors that the customer would actually receive on their finished shoe/boot. No small task on the web.

To experience the Timberland Design Your Own configurator, follow this link:

Banner holiday

For this project, I had beautiful imagery and a cleverly designed logo all ready to work with. My job was to put them together in a way that worked in the (very limited) banner space. This was a three-phase campaign (As holiday shipping time got shorter, a new banner replaced the previous one), and so each banner had to work with the other two, but also had to look different enough that repeat visitors would register the change.

Banner 1

Banner 2

Banner 3

PRO design

For this email, I worked with an existing outer template. My available assets were the product detail shots of each individual boot. My challenge was to create a backdrop in Photoshop and composite the photos over it in a way that approximated a brand-appropriate, staged lifestyle shot. All while simultaneously making a good layout for multiple messages.



For this Timberland-UK page banner, my available assets were limited to a product shot of the sandal. I needed to convey an outdoor, summertime idea, so I created a simple backdrop using Photoshop that evoked summer sky and sun.