The new year brought a personnel change to my band Local Freight. I am happy to report that we have added a fantastic new banjo player, who is also a friend.

Before we announced the change, I needed to address the outdated marketing materials on our website. I quickly patched together a functional band “photo” from four individual shots (new band photo coming soon!), created a new downloadable flyer, and changed a bit of text here and there.

Over the past number of months, my interaction with the site has been simply nipping in and adding show dates and updating the “News” blurb on the home page. This more thorough look through the site reminded me that our “Past Shows” page was not really working. I had crammed some tiny images from a few of our more high-profile early gigs in there, with a blurb for each. This worked well enough early on, but now that the band has been together for two years, we needed a new format. It struck me that adding a blog would be a great way to show a timeline of our shows on the site, with ample room for photographs.

This update took very little time, and serves as a visually interesting band “resume,” as well as reminding us as a band of the good times and good fortune that we have had to be able to play at these inspiring venues!

You can view the entire site at


LF Past Shows Page

3rd Annual Scarecrow 5K posters

This year’s Scarecrow Classic 5K poster for The Lincoln Land Conservation Trust. This 5K run takes place just a week or so before Halloween, and so (same as last year) they wanted the event posters to feel Halloween-ish. I added a new background theme for this year’s poster to change it up a bit, while making sure it would be instantly recognizable to those already familiar with the event.

2015 5K poster color

BOTB X Poster

Bluegrass On The Bogs (BOTB) is a growing, grass-roots, volunteer-based, amazingly entertaining, organically-grown and much loved festival. It’s a three day acoustic non-traditional bluegrass festival showcasing regional bands from the New England States. BOTB features camping, jams, artisan & food vendors, kids events, workshops and more.” (source)

This time last year, I created a very quick poster and postcard design for my friends over at BOTB, so that they could have them printed up for their booth at a bluegrass music convention. Later, over the months leading up to last year’s fest, we worked on streamlining and developing the BOTB brand, producing a number of printed pieces—from the poster and postcard, to tickets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. and culminating with a custom-made banner for the main stage.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of this rapidly growing festival, and so we wanted to do something special for the logo and poster design to commemorate the occasion. Larry DeJong drafted off of his original logo design to create a special 10th anniversary logo, and I worked from there to create a poster design that said bluegrass and old-timey but with a fun, modern, funky vibe as well.

BOTB 2015 11x17 Poster V2 lowres

Bold, radiating stripes off of the “O” gave me the colorful, vintage concert poster feel that I was looking for. A tea-stain layer added some texture and age. Pulling some pine trees from the logo for the bottom edge anchored the design, echoed the logo shape and color, and evoked the beautiful, piney woods of Camp Kiwanee, which is located adjoining cranberry bogs near Cape Cod. And last but not least, I made sure to use a liberal amount of BOTB’s signature “cranberry” color!

If you’re in the South Shore, MA area in May, and you enjoy bluegrass music, consider checking out this family-friendly festival!


Railroad House’s brand new CD. I had the absolute pleasure of working together with Larry DeJong on this project, and couldn’t be happier with the result. The band was formed many years ago around a monthly open mike session at Stone’s Public House in Ashland, MA. Larry’s concept of using historical photographs of Stone’s worked wonderfully to convey the “history” of the band as well as their musical offerings which range from Bluegrass and Americana to Jazz and Swing.


Railroad House Band - Junction CD

Walk right in

An unused space in a circa 1842 house. This space was pretty bad—probably to the point of dangerous. But its location right next to the bedroom made it ideal for a walk-in closet, which this house desperately needed. Closet space throughout the rest of the house was minimal at best. A thorough clean-out, some wallboard, cast off bookshelves, a simple sisal rug and three professional grade rolling racks later, this space was safe, accessible and functional. This newfound closet stores all clothing, shoes and accessories for two people, plus the space behind the rolling racks works well for storing camping gear, various holiday decorations, and other seldom used household items.

gleasondale closet beforegleasondale closet after