Sunrise, moonset

This image is a composite. I took one shot of the overall landscape and then (knowing that my wide-angle lens would shrink the moon), a second of just the moon using the zoom. I put them together in Photoshop, and also pushed the colors a bit while I was in there to reproduce the image as I had originally perceived it.



PRO design

For this email, I worked with an existing outer template. My available assets were the product detail shots of each individual boot. My challenge was to create a backdrop in Photoshop and composite the photos over it in a way that approximated a brand-appropriate, staged lifestyle shot. All while simultaneously making a good layout for multiple messages.


Cowboy up

Recently, I have been helping our fledgeling Business Direct team—occasionally adding various business logos onto our product. Here is a mock-up of an embossed wallet, done for a presentation to the Dallas Cowboys organization.

8-21-07 TBD-Cowboys