Brochures & Sell Sheets

The North County Land Trust is a 501c(3) non-profit, regional land conservation organization founded in 1992 to protect, preserve and promote the natural resources of north central Massachusetts. This brochure can easily self-mail, and is also designed to show well when placed in one of the many information racks state-wide.



A sampling of the town of Westminster’s 2017 Travel Guide and Map. Twelve information panels on one side and a map on the other fold down to a 4×9 map size to fit into visitor information kiosks. You can see the entire brochure at the Town of Westminster’s website.

travel_guide_front travel_guide_pp2-3


Here’s a one-sheet designed for my bluegrass band, Local Freight. I produced this in two different formats: a traditional letter-sized PDF that can be downloaded and printed from our website, and a two-sided glossy postcard that can be handed out to promoters at conferences and shows.



This brochure for New England Scope needed to go from the original 4 page brochure to a single page front and back, while retaining the essence of the original. Below, the original 4 page outside and inside:

08-026 Scope promo brochure FINAL.qxp 08-026 Scope promo brochure FINAL.qxp

and my two page front and back redesign: